Our 450 active employees travel 10 million kilometres all over Germany and its neighbouring countries each and every year – by train, by bus and by tram. Their job is counting and surveying. The results of their work are based on the most detailed instructions. All of our members of staff have passed a multi-stage application procedure in which they have to prove their reliability and their personal aptitude. Afterwards all data is tested for its plausibility and is digitalised and presented in diagrams. A strategy can only be as good as the data it is based on. Therefore we attach the greatest importance to the quality of our surveys.

We find out:
Numbers of people boarding or alighting, numbers of passengers, itineraries, reasons for travelling, chosen fares, use of changing buses or trains and much more - either with help of a questionnaire or, for saving time, by mobile phone - each method depending on our customer's request. We guarantee representative results

The longer I wait, the more I expect.